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Hello everyone! You are going to stud y What you must do to organize a successful conference. So how do you start? First decide what type of conference you would like to create.: Promotional Conference Clients Conference Conference for Partners Conference for Profit Informative Conference Conference in another Country Virtual Conference Company Events

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Job seekers came and met industry leaders, enjoyed our fascinating lectures and insights from a variety of speakers, and took the next step up the corporate ladder. Come with your CV.
The summit will present the benefits of having your business in Jerusalem, weather you are a beginner looking to get started or looking for new innovations to expand your business.
The first ever Virtual Middle East AffiliaTech Summit for the travel and e-commerce industry. The event will be hosted by Shine Conferences in partnership with Digital Waves Group, and will provide exposure to more than 35,000 relevant companies across Saudi Arabia and 15,000 from United Arab Emirate
Living Smarter in Israel Finance, Banking, Real-Estate & Careers Whether you have been in Israel for a year or over a decade, knowing how to work smarter with financial matters is crucial. Know what your rights are as an Oleh, and find the best business service-providers for the English speaking community.
TLVGAFO Conference is a unique, large-scale international event led by Shine Conferences, specialized in Gaming, Affiliation and Fintech industry

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Shine Conferences is an independent company focus innovative on all levels of Affiliate, Internet ,Media, Hi-tech, Startups, International recruitment and Online companies conferences. Our conferences are worldwide.

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Our interest in each conference is to expose the participants to the most current information, networking and exposure to their business.

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  • Creare conferences
  • Learn how to create conferences
  • Networking