Going Global – AffiliaTech

Going Global – AffiliaTech

 “Maximizing Conversion Rates: Telephone Sales and Email Marketing’’

Thursday June 30th, 2016, 8.30am – 5:00pm

Tel Aviv


We would like to invite you to a unique conference with the participation of international experts in the fields of performance based marketing.

With the rapid change of technology, companies are looking for ways to improve conversion rates in an increasingly competitive environment.

Improving performance marketing (CPS, CPL, CPD) requires companies to become familiar with new technological tools and knowledge and collaborate with third parties.

Telephone sales | Call center sales | Email marketing | Mobile sales |Sales tools and technology

The conference will focus through use of case studies and workshops on the conversion journey from email marketing to phone sales in the global marketplace.

The conference will be in Hebrew, English, and French.

Target Audience

– Affiliates

– Media Companies, Media Buyers, Publishers and Advertisers, Ad Networks

– C-level executives (CEOs, COOs, CMOs and CTOs)

– VPs of Marketing, Sales & Business Development

– Managements Marketing Experts, Acquisition Experts, Retention and Sales Managements of Israeli- based and International Hi-Tech companies

– Companies that are Interested in Expanding to the Global Market Place

Heads of Commercial, Digital Marketing Managers, Purchasing and Operation Manager


– Job Seekers

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