Middleast AffiliaTech Summit

Middle East AffiliaTech Summit
November 22-23  9am-5pm
Virtual Conference


Are you looking to meet with the Middle East media companies?
Are you a Middle East media company interested in going global?
If so, this Summit is for you!


The first Middle East Summit ever being held in Cyprus. We are creating an opportunity to merge the world of Affiliate in the Financial Services, E commerce, Gaming, Payments Services enthusiast with some of the global experts in the leading world has to offer. Middle East AffiliaTech is going global with the world class leading leaders in the Middle East region.

Middle East AffiliaTech will kick off in Cyrus 2016 exceeding our expectations, the biggest yet

Who should be attending?

  • Affiliates  
  • Senior management –  CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CTOs CMO
  • Heads of marketing, acquisition experts
  • Entrepreneurs, strategic partners interested to enter the market
  • Management teams of Israeli-based and international affiliates, gaming and trading companies.
  • Companies that are interested in expanding to: Germany, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Russia, Poland,
  • Global Investors


The event is to hold more than 20 speakers, 50 exhibitors and 50 boutique marketers from around the middle east. Prepare to sink into a new world of innovations and technology from across the middle east. The 2-day event from our Affiliate leaders from the middle east will promise to leave full of new knowledge they’ll be exploring the new technology in the latest fields of affiliate Financial services, Ecommerce, Gaming, Apps.  

Our packed jammed programme and market boutique for one-on-one meetings for innovative insights learn share and connect with the middle east.

Our Networking party will leave you with a source of knowledge

 About the summit

Affiliate Summit is a unique, large-scale international event specialized in affiliation in Financial Services, e-commerce, Gaming, Apps, SaaS and Payment Services

The Summit will focus on renown keynote speakers in Affiliation/Media, lectures in conversion journey, innovative technologies and new revolutionary movements in digital media. 

The summit is packed with Affiliates, vendors, networks technology providers, digital agencies and etc.

This is a platform for: Networking, Knowledge between Middle East based companies and the global marketplace. 

The conference will be held in English.

Topics includes:

  • Tips and marketing in running Financial Campaigns Funnels in the Middle eastern world
  • What’s a suitable Media recommended in promoting e commerce?
  • Payment Solutions
  • Expanding into new markets
  • Gaming in the Middle east
  • Regulation in the Middle east
  • New: Technology, SaaS, Payment Solutions, Advertising
  • Going Global and much more….
Middle East AffiliaTech Summit for Affiliates and Travel Experts 
Dear Customers

  • The virtual conference of its kind in the Travel & Tourism Industry, coming to you to from your computer! 

    Target Audience:
    Online Travel Marketers (DMCs’), Travel Agents (Inbound and Outbound), Tourist Companies, National Tourist Agency, Affiliates, Online marketers.

    Register today and receive your FREE ticket (One per each company)
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    This summit creating an opportunity to merge the worlds of AffiliaTech in the Travel & Tourism along with ePayments Solutions.

    Participants will include leading experts from the Middle East region including; United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Cyprus, Greece, amongst other countries.

    Reasons to Join The Summit:

    • Learn to increase traffic for your OTA.
    • Network with Affiliates, Online marketers and media companies more than 90 booth.
    • Explore new technologies in the fields.

    One of Shine Conferences representative of will contact you in the next following days.
    Feel free to contact us for any enquires.

    Kind Regards,

    Shine Conferences’ Team