Article for the TOI Job Fair 2015

Israel Multilingual Jobs Fair

The Largest Recruitment Fair for Foreign Language Speakers

Tuesday, 26th of January 2016, 9am – 3pm

Tel Aviv Cinematheque

Israel Multilingual-Job Fair – come meet leading companies, enjoy our fascinating lectures from distinguished speakers and connect with HR representatives from all of the hottest international companies in the market!

Ever since you were a child your parents have told you there’s a place where Jews can be free with their religion.

“No one is going to bother you there for being Jewish son, trust me!” said your father with a proud look.

And so, as time passed by, something in the back of your mind always knew you would find yourself in Israel.

As you grew older you have reached the pivotal decision it was time for you to make a change, leave your house abroad and come to the place you felt was right for you.

You never expected settling down in here would be so difficult.

Finding a job in a foreign country was a big hassle especially when you didn’t speak a word of this bizarre Hebrew language – with the “ha” and “tza” sounds, who could ever pronounce any of these words?

Whether you were looking to build a career or just find a decent job to get an income to provide for you and\or your family – serious challenges came crashing down on you like a giant wave.


And so you spent your days at the “Ulpan” getting frustrated wondering how you can make yourself standout, without even knowing so many companies employers are out there searching for someone with exactly your skills!

You can greatly benefit from the fact that Israel is known as the Start Up Nation and works with companies, organizations and entrepreneurs from all over the world! Israel needs skilled and native speakers from diverse nationalities who deeply understand the languages and cultures of varied countries.  Your great advantage is that you understand international mentality and are able to provide a better and wiser solution to companies wishing to expand or are already working internationally.  


We at Shine Conferences have decided it is time to make a change and connect you to them!

Shine Conferences has initiated and held a unique financial conference together with TLV International dedicated to empowering Olim by providing valuable information, practical tools and encouraging wise financial behaviour in Israel.  The conference’s distinguished speakers included Ofer Petersborg, Israel’s leading real estate journalist. 

Exhibiting Companies: 

WIX, Fattal Hotels , Eldan,  My Heritage, Toyga, SimilarWeb, Rushmore Marketing, Memo Global, JMRB MEDIA, Depluse, RCS,  InnoData, Payoneer, BetaData, , Guesty, StratoScale and more…


In Collaboration with:
Gvahim, Haaretz- The Marker, Times of Israel,  Nefesh Benefesh,  The Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo – Olim Department, The Municipality of Ramat-Gan, Maof – The Agency for Small & Medium Business  of the Ministry of Economy,  AACI – Association of American & Canadian in Israel, Keep Olim in Israel Movement, The Association of Israelis of Central European Origin, JobMob, Janglo  and Telfed.

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